Journal Reflection 2

March 2009 gladness...

My gratitude dear Yehovah, my Lord!
Through every life's odd I trust in you.
My hubby's positive result of gallstone
is all in your hand and I thank you for the
wisdom and grace to eat the right foods.
Forgive us for the temptation of "adulterated" foods
that can be easily grabbed in the marketplace.
We plead not to continue to our next generations
whether it's hereditary or not (knowing that our
mum had it once before it's treated conventionally
years ago).

Thank you for the right natural alternative
protocol treatment you will lead us into...
Thank you for the conventional doctors who
can scan our being while you give us a choice
what treatment we would go through with
peace, knowledge and some understanding....

Thank you for all the odds may big or small
yet our hope, dream & plan; vision are still on fire
for thine's the glory in time and space!
We have reason to rejoice what our life is for...
Our very strength; joy is in you Yehovah (God)!
We're victors thru your son Yeshua (Jesus)
who have done it on the cross once and for all!
Thank you for the healing and healthy life.

Thank you lots for family's/friends' prayers and support!

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