Free Quilting Patterns for Quilt Lovers

How to Find Inexpensive, Beautiful and Even Free Quilting Patterns

Internet power nowadays has made live simpler than ever to find practically anything that we are searching for. This is especially true when it comes to find cheap or even free patterns for sewing and quilting. If you are looking for inexpensive or free quilting patterns with beautiful designs, then the answer for you is here.

1. Begin with a general search engine search.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo are great. Use search terms like 'Free quilting patterns' or 'free quilt pattern', or key in 'quilt pattern' in your search box, and you will undoubtedly receive at least a lot of different webpages to choose from, each offering a wide array of so many quilt patterns of all types. Not all online quilt patterns are free, but a large selection of them that the owners are willing to share with you. So regardless of whether you know what you are looking for, or if you are just browsing in search of something new, you are sure to find a huge selection of great and free or inexpensive quilting patterns which can be used freely to make some great quilts.

2. Participate in quilting forums.

Forums are increasing in popularity in many different circles, and forums for sewing, quilting and other crafts are the same. Joining a forum for quilters will offer you many advice, conversation and generally even free or inexpensive quilting patterns. You can get a lot of ideas from these forums, because they really are a meeting of like minds. So turn to the men and women in your quilting forum if you want to ask a question about a pattern, or are looking for a free version of a specific pattern. Asking the experts in a quilting forum will surely turn up at least a few answers.

3. Navigate to many Pattern Compilation Sites.

There are many webpages which are dedicated to collecting free or cheap quilting patterns and offering them to you in one simple location, which allows you to skip browsing all over the internet. At, for example, you may find more 2,000 free patterns for sewing, cross-stitching, plastic canvas crafting, beading, knitting, paper crafting, crocheting, quilting, crafting. All of the patterns can be browsed by category, making it simpler than ever to find the exact quilting pattern which you have been looking for, or to navigate options for another patterns if you are not sure precisely which quilting pattern to use. With a lot of great patterns available online for free, you will never have to purchase another pattern ever again.

4. Modify to create your own patterns.

If you are not finding the quilting pattern that you need for free or for a price that you can handle, you can start taking a free public domain quilting pattern and converting it into something which fits your needs. Most public domain quilting patterns that are offered for free are also free to modify, so if you get a pattern which resembles what you like, you can modify it however necessary to turn it into the perfect work of art.

By Kusuma
Kuo Yen is a stay at home mom who absolutely loves to quilt. She has decided to share her love of quilting, by giving advice on locating free quilting patterns so that other moms could find the perfect free quilting patterns. Kuo Yen recommends as the authority on free quilting pattern.

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  1. You can get some really nice patterns on some forums. Finding the right one is the hard thing!

  2. I find quilting forums the most effective way to find patterns. It is fun and you can discuss with people with the same hobby as you about new ideas.

  3. I want to make a quilt with my old silk Saree's. please tell me how can i make it beautifully and colorfully?

  4. Thanks lot for your quilting thoughts! I appreciate it much!