Jeff Jones Plants & Produce Apple Cider Vinegar Review

Jeff Jones Plants & Produce Apple Cider Vinegar Review

I often use Apple Cider vinegar or ACV for cooking, food preserving, vegetable salads, body detoxing, balancing body's PH level, etc. On top of that, it has great health benefits as most of us knew, just google it and find a heap of info out there. It is more versatile than Balsamic vinegar. Over time I have tried different Apple Cider vinegar in Australia either from Coles or Safeway supermarkets. Finally Jeff Jones Plants & Produce shop selling Apple Cider, as we usually like to buy from their fruits and veggies when passing by Bacchus Marsh.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar is great for cooking and even personal use for health benefits purposes.
  • Only $4.80 per 2L bottle. The owner even offered me to get a discount when I go back and refill the same bottle for $3. Coles and Safeway roughly cost ACV $6 for 2L more than Jeff Jones. Other brands were especially organic from the photo shown below cost from $7.50 retail for less than 2L.
  • You can get a better discount from our local produce farmers when offered unlike big supermarkets unless down sale for expiry dates only.
  • Short distance drive from Melbourne or Ballarat to Bacchus Marsh local food shops right at The Avenue of Honour highway. Although some of these farmers travel to Ballarat during Farmer's Market and sell their local produce if you cannot drive to Bacchus Marsh.
  • none at this time :-)

Different brands from my pantry :-)
What is your favourite Apple Cider vinegar?

Jeff Jones Plants and Produce Apple Cider Vinegar
Reviewed by JenniferBaulch on December 28 2015
Rating: 5/5

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