Tom Organic Sanitary Pads Review

Tom Organic Sanitary Pads Review

This is my genuine personal review, and I'm not paid for it or had any discounts from their retail shop at all. I have been using this often buying it from either Coles or Safeway supermarkets in Australia. Since these supermarkets do not stock much Tom Organic pad liners, I decided to buy bulk  (12 pack with 30 liners in each box - $74.35) from their own personal eCommerce website, which can save a little bit bucks.

PROS: Great sanitary product! It is organic as it has claimed without nothing to worry regarding the pesticides the farmers may use in the mass production of cotton plants from where it produced.

CONS: Like other users have said online it can get smelly. Personally, I need to change often than regular pads as it can get smelly quicker, after all, it is organic!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Online service is fast delivery. The only downside of their marketing is, when you try to acknowledge them on Instagram by posting their product you have received, they will not bother to like or acknowledge that you buy from them! Very uncommon these days on the internet when you compare to other eCommerce websites with social networks, who would recognise you straight off! Not that you're looking for recognition.

Another alternative: the Love Moon Pads, they are also great! You can buy them online. I use Love Moon Pads way before TOM made/marketed in Australia. Also, there is Veeda organic pad in Australia later came in the picture and it doesn't cause smell like Tom.

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