Transition Seasonal Garden Plants

Our home organic gardening plants in Ballarat are almost survivors from the Australia summer HEAT WAVE last January 2014. Most of the plants were drying up very quickly, but we have to sacrifice water bills watering our plants from tap water to benefit and harvest tastier organic veggie fruits of labour this autumn (March to May 2014). I need to mention what month is the season in Australia from what I observed some people overseas relate our seasons like North America or the UK, which is the opposite side of the world.

After six weeks vacation, this is what the backyard garden looks like. MID-SPRING (OCTOBER 2013) - All lush green including the lawn grasses, yellow flowers were the Kale plants going to bolt intentionally for keeping seeds.

EARLY SUMMER (DECEMBER 2013) - Artichokes ready to harvest but I wanted to see in real how the flowers arrived! Plant with white flowers is first flowers flowering season of an Olive tree.
MIDSUMMER (JANUARY 2014) - Artichokes are bolted displaying its purple flowers first time in season! Another purple flowering at the background closer to the fence was Radicchio plant just for attracting bees. The bees are my great garden pollinators for my organic squash, zucchini plants and other plants.

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