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The home #organic gardening transition at home with Raddichio plant. The change did not go to seed as orchestrated due to the heat wave summer in Australia between December 2013 to January 2014. It turned out too dry up expeditiously in spite of watering from the hose.

After hours researching for the designation of this plant, determinately found it since I bought two packet seeds from different garden shops the information were both erroneous on the indited packets as giant mustard. It was a puzzle to research the image on Google images since you have to research the most proximate look kindred image without penning the official name of the plants.

So here it is, Raddichio an Italian red lettuce with marginally acerbic taste but nutty flavour. The acerbic taste mellows when grilled, slow cooked or roasted.

Stage 1. Raddichio seeds are tiny ones similar to the size of Bokchoy and the like family.

Stage 2. Raddichio sprouting in the ground.

Stage 3. {refer to the photo}

Stage 4. {refer to the photo}
STAGE 3 -  Radicchio about to seeding

STAGE 4 - The Raddichio plants are taller reaching the fence height between our neighbourhood.

"Radicchio is harvested in the morning to ascertain its unique character, form and flavour is retained" according to perfection.com.au.

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