Something Purple Unplanned

Unplanned colour comes together this Summer and Autumn. I never plan what colours of flowers outcome the vegetable garden for the year 2013 to 2014 until I took the camera and started shooting. Purple became the colour of Queentulip organic gardening.

These are some plants we can grow in the colder part of Australia here in Ballarat City of Victoria state with all the unpredicted seasons at times.

What is your common colour gardening plants?

Summer December 2013 to Summer January 2014 - {Purple Radicchio and Purple Onion flowers boom}

Radicchio Purple Flowers - attractive to the helpful bees for the garden!

Huge Artichoke purple flower going to seed intentionally.

Eggplant white and purple colours Autumn 2014 fruitage with all-in-one purple flowers.

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