Garden Experiment Plant

What plant that currently, I am experimenting in the garden?

I liked what I saw in my mum’s garden plants when we went home to the Philippines in 2013. She had two kids a green and purple Malabar Spinach or Spinach Climbing growing robustly.

In Ballarat, hubby and I first visited Master’s warehouse since it newly opened last winter 2013 when I spotted a purple Spinach Climbing first time on pot plants. I think about less than $4 each pot so we bought one to experiment. Unfortunately, the heat wave started summer (December 2013), and the plant began to show signs of struggles bolting too early to its kind. Over three months now and yet the Malabar Spinach struggling to robust its leaves rather it is bolting.

Planted early Summer (December 2013) but this photo was taken late Summer (February 2014)

Leaves are smaller than usual size... it hates the HEAT WAVE :(

Malabar Spinach or Climbing Spinach --- although it is not a spinach they call it :-)

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