Electronic birthday greetings

Mundanely, when we sign up to any social media networking websites or any membership sites and become a member with them, some of them will endeavour to electronically greet you on your birthday since we signed up our birth dates. Fair enough when they wanted to e-greet everyone on our birthdays in behalf of their team, which is a nice gesture I supposed in the cyber world we live in.

Here are the three I got this year:

As far as I remember since I signed up with them, they are auto-faithful to greet my birthday with blinky! 

This is another nice birthday greeting from Postcrossing!

Last but not the least, FACEBOOK sent their very first birthday greeting record for 2014 they never did before - so that came as a surprise! Fair enough, we all still learning, aren't we?
Thanks to all my Facebook, Google Plus, and WAYN connections birthday greetings! May you do all have wonderfully blessed birthdays too for 2014 and beyond!

What about yours? Do you have particular nice one?

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